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I have seen the future

Metin Karabaşoğlu (Translated by Muhammed Şeviker)

THE ARDUOUS trial that has loomed over the country like a nightmare for three weeks, in many respects, was instructive. What we live through, with regards to people that believe in the Omnipotent One of Glory who brings forth the liv-ing from the dead, the luminousness from the darkness, the daylight from the night has been a process of painful trouble. What we live through has been an evil through which, via the same belief, a lot of goodness may bring forth, and a process of painfulness and trouble which a lot of mercies and blessings are hoped to have brought forth. What has been lived has been an enormous ex-perience. Who was who, and who could turn into who; which mood was wrong, which conduct was right and many other questions...What was lived was a great experience concerning similar questions.

As far as I am concerned, what has been experienced is an attempt of coup d’état. It was a new, different, yet, in the final analysis a familiar attempt of a coup. It was an attempt of coup targeting a future which, in the recent years has sprung in this country and has predisposed to embrace all Islamic lands. As Bediuzzaman put out in Münazarat (The Debates) which he wrote out ‘as a prescription for a splendid and nebbish continent’, it is, after the developments which show that what the freedom does mean for believers, and when, getting rid of the alliance between European disbelievers and the hypocrites of Asia, how the believers, via the Islamic union turned into hope and opportunity for the believers and the oppressed of the world, an attempt of coup thoroughly planned and elaborated in order to stop these developments, or at least to make a breach on the wall.

I would like to share what I have seen in this process and what this process has taught us, at least partially, in the several subsequent articles. And, I in-tend to begin this sharing a point which this process has taught me. However I, in no way ‘could not seen’ this point, for twenty days, in the thousands of articles, hundreds of open forums, and thousands of analyses.

I should state clearly and plainly: in this process, I have seen the future. The codes of war between belief-unbelief, true path-heresy, and truth-vanity…

In order to illustrate these codes, firstly, I need to touch upon the Qur’anic teaching and the conclusions that a Qur’anic student has deducted from that teaching.

The Lord of the World, in His Qur’an announces three communities to whom He does not bestow the true path; they are unbelievers, vicious, oppressors, and degenerates.

We should be careful: the Lord of the Worlds, anywhere in the Qur’an, does not mention that any unbeliever, cruel or dissolute does or can reach the true path. That who cannot reach the true path is not unbeliever, cruel, or disso-lute; but those who cannot reach the true path are the “communities” of unbe-lievers, cruel and degenerates. On the contrary, as it is seen first and fore-most in the Era of Bliss, many people who can segregate themselves from the community in which they lived were able to reach the true path. Yet, there were those who went astray merging into this “community” even they had ar-rived at the threshold of the true path. The most sorrowful example of this is Utba ibn Rabi'ah. He went to the Holy Prophet (pbuh) as an envoy Quraysh poly-theists, and, listened the Qur’anic verses from him. Even though his heart came closer to the true path upon listening verses, he again merged into Quraysh polytheist community who bear unbelief, cruelty and degeneracy, and ruined himself.

These verses insinuate the seductive solidarity forming in the “community”; people are addressed one-to-one level they bear the tendency of being collo-cutor of the truth, whereas in the solidarity of community like this, they en-courage and foster each other in the unbelief, cruelty and dissoluteness. Thus, Qur’an guides a way to the believers who are responsible to convey the truth to the all humanity. (This way may be a topic of a following article ac-companied an analysis of Bediuzzaman into this age.)

There is another lesson which the aforementioned verses have taught us. These verses point out the results which show up when the three essential powers in the humanity are abused.

As a disciple of Quran Bediuzzaman has pointed out in the Thirtieth Word in which he deals with ego, that is to say perception of ego as an aspect of the trustee that is not undertaken by the mountains but by man, humankind has three essential powers which determines daily life and all human history: the power of intellect, the power of anger and the power of lust.

Al of these three powers have been given to man by Wise Creator in order to sustain his/her life humanely, and having recognized his/her Creator via His all Names, realise the wisdom in his/her creation.

Begin with, the power of intellect refers to human being’s ability to think, dis-cern right from wrong, and seek out the truth. It has been given for intellect, belief and ingeniousness. Thusly, those who ‘don’t have intellect’ are not re-sponsible for belief and good action. On the other hand, those who don’t use their intellect or having misused or abused it, sees or shows the wrong as a right or the right as a wrong are responsible. And, disbelief is a result of not using the intellect properly.

As to power of anger, it has been given to man in order to be preventing him-self from the harmful elements which complot his life that has bestowed him as a trustee. Man is accountable for protecting this trustee courageously, at the command of intellect which functions on wisdom. However, if man, not having used this power, bow down the harmful elements, evil and malignity is respon-sible. Also, he is responsible if he, having abused this power, gives rise to in-justice.

Likewise, the power of lust has been given to man in order to desire the things which are necessary to sustain his life. Man is responsible for proceeding de-cently in the lawful circle in order to sustain his life. Yet, he is responsible when he does not use this power; as well as when he, having abused this pow-er, pursues whatever his carnal desires dictate, without regarding and segre-gating lawful and unlawful.

Now, if we apply the potentia (or test) of ‘powers’ into the communities of hu-manity we can see this reality: The community of unbelievers are the work of abusing the ‘power of intellect’ or not using it properly. The community of op-pressors are the work of abusing the ‘power of anger or not using it properly. The community of dissolute are the work of abusing the ‘power of anger, or not using it properly.

And, of course, this trio don’t necessarily exist as a tree separate community. Although transgressing in one of these three powers has a feature that ruins the belief and religion of any community, there are some communities who merge together the two or three of these powers.

If we carry this analysis into a more spacious plane; if we analyse the struggle that was set about more than three centuries ago, ever since the Western civi-lisation that relies on secular humanism which rejects Revelation and, the West has become the triumphant of the globe we can conclude these results:

The modern West, in its struggle against Islam has used all of these three forces. In one hand, via its atheists who rejected God’s existence, in the oth-er, via its deists who, while accepting God’s existence, rejected and negated the heavenly religions, that is to say, Divine revelation and prophets, the West struggled with Islam. In addition, the West, by exploiting its triumphant posi-tion, with its Christian missionaries who hoped to pull out Muslims from their religions and convert them Christianity has struggled with Islam. And, similar-ly the West, with its army of Orientalists who, despite their academic masks, exerted utmost effort to throw multifarious suspicions into the minds of the believers as regards their religions, and set at odds among the believers, for centuries has struggled Islam in terms of the power of intellect. Yet, it, by no means has picked any triumph from this struggle. On the contrary, Islam, in a time when its followers are in their weakest position, has picked millions of re-verts either from Christianity, or deism, or atheism from the West while it is enjoying its most powerful era.

The West, despite its enormous force which it formed in order to overcome Is-lam, and furthermore, despite the forming school curricula almost all over the Islamic in favours of pro/westerners, has not failed in its struggle against Islam in terms of the power of intellect. So, the West has carried out its struggle against Islam in terms of the power of anger, that is to say via putting the ar-mies, arms and violence into place too. This army, this violence and weapons either has been operated by the Western hands by themselves, or by the hands of tyrants and oppressors who, although they bore the Muslim names, had sold their souls to the West. Yet, the West having failed to overcome the Qur’an with its discourse and letters, having failed to create a rift between the Qur’an and Muslims although Gladstone had bawled in the House of Commons in a time when the British Empire was enjoying its heyday, has not managed this either via its army, tank, rifle, bomb, tyranny, oppressor, and dictator. Thus, the West was be able to oppress Islamic feelings in the Muslim communi-ties, and was able to, by means of its collaborators to whom Bediuzzaman calls on ‘the Hypocrites of Asia’, form ‘nation-state’ jails which prevent the believers to translate the Ummah [the Islamic community] concept under the banner of the Islamic union into action. Yet, it has not managed to pull of Muslims from their religions by means of the weapons as well as via discourse.

And, in the recent years, all of the Islamic world, having rescued the direct in-vasion of ‘European nonbelievers’, are predisposing to rescue truly from the tyranny of ‘the hypocrites of Asia’ who had been buckled up to their texture and come to point of self-determining their own destiny.

Neither the armies of the European nonbelievers nor that of the hypocrites of Asia can frighten the Muslims anymore. Furthermore, in the most of the Muslim land, the army having rescued from the command of this twain are moving away from directing their weapons to their own people.

Then, at the hand of secular consortium which forms a local – global alliance against Islam remains ‘the power of lust’ as the most convenient force. The West has failed to overcome Islam and its followers via letters, weapons; that is to say via unbelief and tyranny: ‘the community of unbelievers and that of tyrants and transgressors’ have not cope with Islam and its followers. Then, the West will try to dominate this religion and its followers by means of wick-edness and ‘the community of wicked’.

Ten years ago, I scrutinised this process at the course from modern times into postmodern terms in the 4th issue of Karakalem journal. I noted that in the postmodern world the struggle between belief-unbelief would gain a new as-pect. And, I pointed out that, from now on the struggle would intensify in the level of ‘ways of life’, rather than that of ‘thought’; in the level of self and in-dulgence rather than that of intellect.

In the last twenty day, I have already seen this future. In the twenty days, while some faces unmask, the rows are being determined, some are returning default settings, and while those who have sickness in their hearts manifest themselves; I primarily seen this.

There were, for me two important hints of this. These actions that were intro-duced as ‘innocent environmental sensitivity’, in a short span of time has turned into indefensible plunder, a vile attack against the religion and reli-gious, and into a wretched attempt of coup. Unfortunately these actions have been defended and justified. Thus, these hints have been hidden in the ele-ments which function as ‘bearers’ of these actions. The first hint has been pronounced by the Taksim Platform in their press conference hold after meet-ing with Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç. Let’s solve the puzzle: was the problem an ‘innocent environmental sensitivity’, then, what does ‘a raising voice against conservative masculine policies which dominates on the female bodies’ mean? And, when the actions turned into an indefinable subversion and plunder, the journalists, politicians, academicians, artists, from the very beginning, tried to show these actions as ‘innocent’ deeds. More importantly, why they have been recurring ‘the new youths’ and ‘the flower children’ dis-courses?

That is very clear: this country, the Ummah, and all surface of the earth, in the struggle between belief and unbelief has taken a ‘postmodern’ turn, or is tak-ing it.

From now onward, in this struggle, the evil axis will focus on the attack in terms of ‘power of lust’. It will realize its struggle with belief and believer on the basis of self and pleasure; and for this, it will play on the women and young… The struggle will be arduous and long-standing; our homes, spouses, and daughters and son will be targeted.

While, in the twenty-days evil offensive, are been getting off chests, I ob-served this future at the backstage.

Note: yet, no room for despair. Because, the first believer to Islam’s Apostle, Holy Prophet (pbuh) was a woman (Khadija), the second one was a young man (Ali). [(May Allah be well pleased with him)] That is, the polytheists of Quraysh lost. Allah willing, we, too, will win the struggle against today’s net-work of seduction…


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