The Prologue for the Story of Adam - 1

It was closed in the beginning.
Allah (c.c) created an opportunity.
The doors of the universe are inch opened.
He (cc) called him Adam (pbuh)
He let him free between to do or not to do.
He (cc) said: “If you know yourself, the rest is easy”
He (cc) was a hidden mystery and He (cc) wanted to be known..
He (cc) rolled universes and turned them into a rosebud.
He (cc) said: “Let it smell like the light of Muhammed (pbuh)”
To inform us Himself (cc),
He (cc) gave examples of ourselves.
He (cc) called the odor ‘Ahmed’ in the beginning. (1)
Then it became ‘Feraklit’ (2)
In fact, it was ‘Rahmeten – lil âlemin’. (3)


The odor emanating from Him (pbuh),
enraptured people of virtue.
He (pbuh) said: “People of knowledge!”
“People of the book!”
“Read, listen, understand..”
We did read or didn’t.
We did listen or didn’t.
We didn’t have the luxury to be flawless.
We made mistakes..
He (pbuh) said: “I know.. He (cc) said.. ”
“I (cc) accept the ones who return”
“Just so don’t do wrong”
“The difference is asking for forgiveness. Don’t close that door.”


The address of the ’mistake’ was Adam (pbuh)
and the address of the ‘wrong’ was the ‘shaitairracim’ (exiled satan).
While Adam (pbuh) chose the opportunity,
Iblis (4) chose the denial.
Adam found his cure within his trouble.
Satan’s trouble was Adam and he chose the ‘adem’. (5)


Allah (c.c) created an opportunity.
He (cc) called it ‘You’.
He (cc) said: “Let’s see your doing”
“Can you do it?”
“Can you smell like Him (pbuh) too?”
He (cc) wanted to know;
“What is your trouble?”
“You or Me..?”
“Are you Adam or adem?”
“Who are you?”

Translated by Ömer Özyaşlı


(1). The name of Muhammed (pbuh)’in Torah.

(2). The name of Muhammed (pbuh)’in Bible.

(3). The name of Muhammed (pbuh)’in Quran: Mercy to All the Worlds

(4) The name of Lucifer in Quran.

(5). adem: nonexsistence


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