As children grow up, their dreams shrink. A reporter asks a child playing with a ball, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" The child replies, "Children don't grow up in Gaza!"

In the world, everything breaks where it is thinnest, except for one thing, which is oppression, it breaks where it is thickest. Without justice, the world turns into a hell.[1] It seems that they want to turn the world into Palestine. The West didn't just go forward this time; it went too far.[2] The Western theopolitical game-makers talk about forcing God to bring about the apocalypse. However, the apocalypse will happen on its own, and they are unaware of it! Hell for one person is another person. Woody Allen rightly said, "If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans."

"Deceit can be concealed under the veil of civilization."[3] We think bad people are good because we don't know them well. Today, both the committing of atrocities and protection from them can only be achieved through knowledge, nothing else. Not being knowledgeable gives birth to modern slavery. What we have experienced keeps slapping us in the face.

Without the Sultan's judgment, the executioner cannot harm.[4] Those who fall into pride and arrogance fear the executioner. Yes, pride is a distraction, and fear is silent. In the heart of the end times, we have a generation that is afraid of everything, even a fly, but pays no attention to its own wrongdoing. However, if you don't want your rights to be violated, you must consider the rights.

I love and respect conscientious people. I have always believed that the essence of humanity comes from there. The world has a thousand different aspects. There are times when we are wrong or commit sins. The feeling of restlessness engulfs us from all sides. There are moments when we are filled with the torment of conscience, and our insides "buzz." Although reason offers a lot of explanations, and the ego allows the most implausible lies to clear itself, the judgment of conscience is always clear. Even if it's against the person, it stands beside simple truth. Conscience is always on the side of the truth, on the side of justice.

"If you sincerely express what you have kept in your heart, you will see that you are not alone in your thoughts." [5]

I have put into words , my friend...


[1]. Clemenceau

[2]. Metin Karabaşoğlu

[3]. Bediüzzaman

[4]. Murat Can Kibiroğlu

[5]. Alev Alatlı

Translated by: Tuba Tanrıkulu


© 2021, Aykut Tanrıkulu

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