Determinism claims that causes create effects by influencing causes. He argues that all events occurring in the universe are based on a cause-effect relationship. This mechanistic current is like poison for our mind. It is like a poisonous honey that paralyzes our consciousness as we eat it.

The antidote to this poison is "basmala".

There is no stasis in the universe. Everything is always in motion. In this complex movement, cause and effect exist simultaneously. There is a coexistence of cause and effect. In the absence of causes there is no effect, it is true. But the absence of effect in the absence of cause gives us no clue that causes produce effects. In the cause-effect relationship, we observe the existence of a flow from cause to effect, which is also true. In a timed universe, the mere fact that the causes are observed before the effect does not give the right to claim that the causes have an effect on the results. On the contrary, it is a contradiction, as the universe, which is always in motion, will immediately turn the resulting effects into causes. A state of creation that we rely on causes makes an element that dominates the next moment a prisoner the next; It compels us to accept the law of reason, which is doomed to everything and a law of reason, which is not obliged to act because it needs nothing, as a dominant power.

It is not possible for our universe, which is always in motion, to be guided by causes that do not need to act. In a universe where there is movement at every moment, there is also a state of creation at every moment, and far from reasons, a point of departure -- not a horizontal, but a vertical relationship -- is needed. Here, the horizontal relationship expresses the flow from cause to effect, while the vertical connection describes direct intervention. There are vertical links that connect the visible to the invisible. Apart from all kinds of creatures we know or do not know, it is not possible for causes to flow together towards effects without a vertical connection point.

In a timed universe, the concepts of before and after cannot be absolute. The dimension we call time is formed as a result of movement. Changing the movement also changes the time. For example, in a movement like the speed of light, the concepts of before and after swap places. The result is observed first, the cause after. Time works in reverse for us. We see a star that has fallen into a black hole for millions of years, so it still exists. The star keeps winking at us, but in fact, the winds are blowing in place!

A similar situation is observed in the iron atoms in the red blood cells, that is, in the erythrocytes in our body. Although the average human lifespan is 80 years, the iron (Fe+2) atoms in our body are fifty million years old! Neither our world nor our solar system has a sufficient infrastructure for the formation of iron atoms. Iron atoms were cooked and sent to our world millions of years ago from distant lands of the galaxy. The world was made ready for him, before mankind was yet on earth.

After all, the state of being stuck together that we observe between cause and effect never gives causes the power to create effects. Just as the horizon, which seems to be adjacent when viewed from a distance, is actually as far as the distance between the earth and the sky. This gap that cannot be filled must be covered by a power completely different from either cause or effect, so that the hand of the cause can reach the result. That is, the result required by that cause can come to the body.

In short, there is a line of causes in the universe. Certain causes precede certain effects. Results also follow certain causes. Apart from this horizontal relationship, which is completely different from cause and effect and cannot be overcome, cause-effect connections are brought together with a vertical connection. Cause and effect is a state of 'co-creation'. If we do not put the support point that will provide such a vertical connection between a creator and causes and effects, we will not be able to explain the movement of the universe and the beings in the universe. However, at every moment, everything is moving. Therefore, there must be a vertical will, not a linear one, that dominates cause and effect at the same time. The initial code of every action that informs us of this vertical will is 'basmala'. The 'law of motion', which has spread all over the universe, turns from potential to kinetic with basmala.

This antidote cuts off the delusion that causes create effects. The infinite horizontal distance between cause and effect can only be overcome by 'basmala', that is, in the name of Allah. Not with a mechanistic precedence-after relationship, as determinists think! The relations put between causes and effects are ways of wishing designed only for man, so that man, an intelligent creature, can properly comprehend his Creator and His purposes. That is, there are causes, but they do not have a real effect.

The creator doesn't need reasons or anything else to create results. However, a person who finds its meaning only by knowing his Creator and who will gain the expansions that will offer him the elixir of eternity in the other realms, needs the relations between causes and effects. Signs of God's existence are proved by wondering about God's laws. In a universe where everything is finite, the existence of the infinite Creator can thus be known.

Everything, from the smallest speck to the largest galaxies, can be saved by the divine code, and it takes action. Everything that has come to the field of existence says "bismillah" in the language of spiritual / state. It declares that there is no creator without it.

So, what kind of Creator is this?!

Translated by: Tuba Tanrıkulu


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